About Us

About Us

Since its establishment, Quancheng Paint Engineering Co., Ltd. serves customers with the business policy of "reasonable price, professional construction, quality assurance, and service first". Since its establishment, with the continuous support and encouragement of customers, it has been adhering to the tenet of painting and stucco technical services for many years. , urge ourselves to keep improving, serve the public in a sustainable manner, and hope to continue to gain the affirmation and support of our customers.

We are very professional in the coating technology and material painting of various paints, and we are also good at dealing with various special paints and wall cancer problems. Our business projects include indoor and outdoor partial decoration or new painting, wall leveling, PU waterproof treatment, outdoor Wood paint, indoor and outdoor paint painting, decoration batch soil paint spray paint, wall cancer treatment, exterior wall waterproof and heat insulation treatment, roof PU waterproof and heat insulation treatment, iron house rust removal, rust prevention, heat insulation, spray paint, epoxy resin EPOXY Construction, public institutions and schools paint construction, factories and public works, etc., whether for homes, public institutions, or cooperation with architectural designers are the scope of our company's undertakings.

We use a professional attitude to provide every customer with the most complete paint and stucco construction services. Reasonable paint and stucco prices and high quality are our guarantees. The decoration of the house is to give people a comfortable and happy life, so we try our best to consider The owner's preferences and needs make the decoration perfect, and the special person will come to the site for free evaluation, all year round, and will not increase the price randomly during the construction period. We will provide you with the most reassuring and considerate service. Regardless of the size of the project, it can be completed in accordance with the needs of customers to achieve your best Satisfactory service quality, also recommended by Taichung Paint. Main service areas: Taichung, Changhua, Nantou, Caotun, Taiping, Dali, Wufeng, Yuanlin, Yunlin, Douliu...etc.

"Service first" - the best quality of service, any questions about paint projects, as long as you call or E-mail, we will sincerely answer for you, no matter the size of the project, we will treat it with heart and make you value for money. It is the best choice for your decoration. 

"Professional Evaluation"--Professional construction personnel come to the house to evaluate and measure for you.

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